Spa chic: iLLUMA bathroom makeover.

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

New tips to prepare your "home spa" for iLLUMA indulgence.

  1. White "nice" towels you don't mind actually using. Tip: Lay flat a 12 x 12 towel over workspace, ie counter to display your pen, blister packets, & post lotion for the next time you are ready to use. Compliance is key to visible results, so having your components all layed out can help motivate consistent application sessions. Isn't it just beautiful and so "spa like" to have your own beauty tools so professionaly showcased?

  2. Set the mood with a little music. No not your earbuds, this is about creating a private space for uninterupted beauty. How about setting the phone aside and utilizing a real sound machine for the most authentic rainforest, seascape, and harmonious tranquility.

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