iLLUMApen produces finer results with less pain or irritation.
Most precise dial, motor strength and accuracy with proper push and pull inertia that actually prevents bruising.
Best Acne / Stretchmark / Pits / Scars

Why make unnecessary damage?  Not necessary with iLLUMA.  Just safe, proper skin stimulation, micro therap, and ultimate correction of past years skin damage.

Highest motor inertia with controlled speed . Hand Crafted internal suspension for precision and accuracy.

Includes:  Full pen kit & 10 pieces 12 series bb glow tips. (use with your own bb glow pigment / serum)
3 Year full warranty on pen and parts.

Free 3 day express to USA
Free International Shipping,  USA wall plug is included along with a direct USB cord for any USB power source globally.
UK or EU wall plug available upon request.


iLLUMApen BBGLOW Spa & Esthti kit

$1,263.00 Regular Price
$790.00Sale Price
  • iLLUMApen

    iLLUMA = safety, precision, and real results. Sustainable & withstanding inner components fine tuned for agility and elegance. Not your average home device. Look into the future with iLLUMApen.