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iLLUMAPRO Post Lotion w/ Repair Enzymes

iLLUMAPRO Post Lotion w/ Repair Enzymes


Introducing the iLLUMAPRO Post Lotion with Repair Enzymes, the ultimate solution for sun-damaged skin. This innovative product contains 3 Marine Enzymes encapsulated in Lyposoms, delivering the most effective repair and prevention of solar damage. Say goodbye to years of past damage and hello to a brighter, healthier complexion. With a generous 50ml tall size, this lotion will last you 1-2 months of daily application. Make it your first defense and serum in your morning and nightly skincare routine to see visible results. Trust iLLUMAPRO to restore and protect your skin from the harsh effects of the sun.

  • How to incorporate into your day & night regime?

    Instructions for optimal results:

    • Apply in morning as first skincare on your skin. 
    • Apply to Face, Décolletage, & Hands 
    • Seal with your own natural Sunscreen for best results.
    • Apply at night, first serum on your skin.
    • Seal with your richest moisturizer.
    • Rest well.
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